Concealed Weapons Permit (Florida) - Choice of Date

My Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class far exceeds the requirements of the State of Florida.
Florida requires that you demonstrate Safety and Proficiency with a firearm.
The state however does not have a detailed and itemized list of what that means.


Some instructors do not train people well.
They will put you through a 30 minute class, then take you to the range to fire 1 shot at a piece of paper twice the size of an average man 3 yards away.

My class far exceeds that...

My class is based on the NRA First Steps Curriculum. This far exceeds the educational requirements of the State of Florida.
Likewise, my range portion far exceeds the educational requirements of the State of Florida.
My students typically shoot 10-40 rounds, at targets at a variety of distances (time permiting). The targets will frequently be smaller than my chest.


To give you an idea of the results of this time on the range... If I was being held with a gun to my head.... Approximately 80% of my students end up shooting well enough for me to be comfortable with them taking the shot to save my life!

If you are ok with that, and you are willing to pay the range fee (typically $10-$15), then purchase your class today and let's get you scheduled. Classes are typically Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday. Classes must begin no later than 1pm, to ensure that we get adequate range time.


Classes may be held in Tampa, Temple Terrace, Brandon, Plant City, and Lakeland

If another time is required, Contact me.

*If the student desires to use their own gun, they must supply/purchase the ammo to be used.

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