Pathways to Freedom (Abduction Defense)

Learn how to never need self-defense, but if by chance that you do need to defend yourself, learn what you need to be able to get the time to get to safety.


The Self-Protection Seminar #1 covers 3 categories of training.
1. How criminals choose their victims.
We look at the various items, and give thought to where in our lives we may need to make adjustments to decrease the chance of being chosen to be a victim.

2. How getting M.A.A.D.D.D. can save your life.

3. Physical techniques of self-defense.
When a person is in the midst of a crisis situation, their heart rate goes up. As the heart rate increases, the ability to do fine motor skills decreases. To compensate for this I have chosen techniques which do not require fine motor skills. The result is a collection ofconcept based techniques that you will be able to use to get the time you need to get to safety.


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