Father-Daughter Seminar (Request Your Own Date)

Note: The price of this seminar is our "Family Discount".
Dad pays the regular price ($97), 1st daughter is $3.00, any additional daughters are $25 each.

The Father-Daughter Seminar Part 1, builds upon the material presented in the 3 hour seminar, but expands it beyond generic violent crime.

The Education section has a significant focus on Relationship Violence, Sexual Assault, Rape and Date Rape. The physical training is more comprehensive. The Father-Daughter physical training includes all of the violent crime techniques plus sections on physical conditioning and techniques that are designed to provide a person protection from attack, while not giving the perception of resistance.

Relationship Violence is a crime of control. In the realm of violent attack, that has the purpose of expressing control of one person over the other, the approach being presented may prove to be life saving.

This women centered seminar covers the typical material dealing with violent crime Relationship Violence. If you have a daughter, this seminar would be more than a great time for both of you to learn how to stay safe, but it is also a great way to bond with your daughter in ways you may not have done before.

Men are permitted to this seminar, but THE ONLY men permitted are the fathers of the daughters attending.

This could be the best birthday present you give this year!

Minimum Age: 15 (Must be a high school student or beyond)

Price: $100.00   Quantity: